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This is my blog. His name is Stan.

Stan is very new to the world. He is small and weak and doesn’t know very many people yet. People may like him, and people may not, but he asks (no, pleads) you to be nice and lenient towards him as he struggles to find his way in this big (slightly scary) new world. If you comment, please be nice and considerate, if not for his sake, than for the sake of any other readers. Stan and I want everyone to feel welcome here, so bad language and other rude, unkind comments will be eliminated.

Stan will be full of many different topics, but mostly things about writing, books, and occasionally a theological post. (No guys, he won’t preach at you, but he will probably post every now and then about my spiritual walk and little thoughts about God.) Stan might post about other things (like coffee and traveling) but I will try to make sure he stays on topic.

Stan is going to start samll. He will try to post every Saturday at noon. As he gets older and figures out more things, he might post more, but this is what he’s going to try first. We both agree that keeping a consistent posting schedule is important, so we will do our best to stick to it. (However, I am a homeschooled sophomore, and one of seven children, so if I do not post I am likely cleaning up some big mess in the living room, catching up on Chemistry, cooking dinner, or helping with my younger siblings.)

Stan is very excited to begin this new journey with you all, and we both hope that you will enjoy it here!

*NOTE: If you have any questions for us, topics you wish us to discuss, or just things you'd like to see posted about, please shoot us an email. Just look under my profile pic on the right and you'll see a little envelope: that'll pull up an empty email addressed to me. We always welcome new post ideas and I am always on the look out for ways to give writers what they're looking for! <3

*ANOTHER NOTE: I also blog on Christian Life over at Walking in the Light. Feel free to bop over and check it out ;)

We’d love to check out your blogs. Comment the links so we can come and visit!

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