About Mwa

Hello there. My name is Hannah.

I'm a Christian. I do my best to be love, and to show kindness and compassion to all I meet.

I like to write books. I love creating fast, relentless plots with gripping action and heart squeezing stakes. I love crafting characters that live and breathe in my mind. Characters that push the story forward with wills of their own. Though it's frustrating, I like the fact that I'm not entirely in control of my story.

I like world building. I have a fascination with creating lands from nothing, of building a culture of people that is alike, yet different from us. I like the politics of a monarchy and the terrain of the land. I like to mess with the normal laws of nature and man.

I like poetry, but I use it to vent and sort my thoughts rather than to publish and share with the world. It's my secret art. The art that's in my soul and stays there. A deeper, more raw form of writing.

I stare into space more than is probably healthy and or normal. I can entertain myself for hours by simply staring out a window.

I like to listen. I like to sit in my room and listen to my four younger siblings messing with each other, to the music my mom's playing in the kitchen, to the pots clanking as she cooks, to the footsteps of little feet down the hall. I like to go outside and listen to the birds and the wind and the distant hum of a lawn mower and the whoosh of passing cars. I like to stand in a place bustling with people and listen to the different voices, the pitches and tones and vibrations. The snorts and snippets of laughter and conversation, the groans and sighs and mutterings. Listening reminds me of life that is being lived, of things people often overlook.

I like sunsets. It's like God wipes the sky clean every morning, and by the time the day dies, He's painted the sky into a masterpiece. I've watched a lot of sunsets, but every one is new and different and beautiful and still manages to take my breath away.

I like to drink coffee (if you couldn't guess from the title of this blog). I'll drink it black or with creamer or with half and half, or with half and half and sugar, or with flavored syrup in it. I'll drink it just about any way, as long as it's coffee (though it does have to be freshly brewed. I can't reheat). I also love to make coffee. I am a barista at a little local, hipster coffee shop in my town, and I love every day I get to work there.

I like to drive by myself and roll the windows down with my hair free and whipping in the wild wind the highway brings. I like to breathe cold night air and warm, sunny breezes. I love to look at the sky at watch the endless stars and planets that stretch out above us. I like to be reminded of how small I am, and how big God is.

When you're down, remember what you like and love. Remember the beauty life holds, and look for it.

Or listen.

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