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What books am I writing?

I'm glad you asked.

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The Dream Walkers is my first Middle Grade book. I am currently in the midst of draft 3 edits. It's been a lot of fun to work on, and I'm hoping to call for betas sometime in 2018.

Here is the blurb!


There is a place beyond reality. An island far away where everything is possible and anything can happen.

Every night, Chloe goes around to each of her siblings and gives them a dream. When sleep falls, their spirits rush off to the magical land of Dream World. In this land unburdened by rules and responsibilities, the children are free to do whatever they want whenever they wish. Jake can run around and be as reckless as he wants. Maggie can chase after him on a valiant steed summoned from the dust. Agatha can race around with her pet wombat and go on as many adventures as she wants. Wolf can hide up in the clouds and watch it all from a safe distance. And Chloe can walk on the water and dance with the stars and talk to the moon–her only friend.

When Maggie and Jake get into another fight and a dare goes a little too far, Chloe must venture with her siblings deeper into the Dream World than ever before to save their brother. But the deeper they go, the more real things become. Being in a land of dreams doesn’t make their actions any less real, and the journey grows more treacherous than any of them could have imagined.

But how do you know what’s real in a land made of dreams?



The Thief's Conspiracy is a YA Fantasy. Draft two sits at 126k *winces*, and will, regretfully, remain at that number for some time, as I plan to write the rest of the four books in the series before doing further edits on book one.

Here's a back cover blurb.


Born and raised in captivity, slavery is all Rissa has ever known. Obeying her Owner, for fear of her brother and sister’s lives, she’s never dared to attempt escape. But when a tiger she trains tries to kill the prince, Rissa is the prime suspect. She has one week to either clear her name or find the door to freedom she’s spent her life searching for. But she can't do both, especially not when her sister's life is put on the line.

Aster is soon to be king, but he is less free than anyone. Trapped in a game of tricks and lies in a castle where no one will leave him be, he has no idea who he can trust. When a maid is found murdered and a foreign ambassador arrives for his coronation two weeks early, Aster has to go to extra lengths to keep making progress on his true goal: finding the man behind the assassinations of his family.

Circumstances bring these worlds together and the two form an unexpected team. Will Aster believe the slave girl’s innocence and help her cause? Can Rissa help her prince find the man behind the assassinations? The two must put every skill they have to the test as they battle their own problems and the one tying it all together: the thief’s conspiracy.



Of course, I can't really say much about the other books, but I will give you a fun little series collage I made. *sly grin*

And that is all you get. MWAHAHAHA.


This book was a fun little side project that I intended to write and be done with, but that was not the case. I printed out a personal copy of the first draft, and since then have read it at least four times. I'm in love with this story, and though it's still in its first draft, I'm hoping to tackle edits sometime this year and hopefully someday share it with you all! 


What would you do if nothing ever changed?

Leni has spent her whole life longing for things to stay the same. But when the same day keeps repeating itself and no one but her seems to realize it, she knows she has to do something. When she sees a boy that’s broken the cycle, she chases him down and learns that their neighborhood is cursed. The two of them team up, but they’re all on their own. Besides, who would believe their neighborhood is cursed? Who would be brave enough to open their eyes and see it?

Leni and her new friend hunt down the person responsible for the curse. Though they don’t know who it is, they do know one thing. Something is lurking in the house at the end of the lane, and Leni is determined to figure out what.


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