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Hai guys!



If you don't want to know more about me, feel free to just ... leave. *sniffles* I'll get over it. *flips hair*

I have four tags I've been nominated for. I will try to be brief, since I'm mashing them all into one big post. The fourth one I will do next week, seeing as it's a three day challenge thing.

So. First tag is from Abigayle Ellison at The Left-Handed Typist!

  • Link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer all 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers who have less than a thousand readers 
  • Ask them 11 questions
  • Let them know you've tagged them through social media I will try to be brief, since I am covering multiple tags today!
  • Bend these rules as you see fit

(okay that last 'rule' was not really on the original set of rules, but I can do what I want.)

1~ What's the story behind your blog's name? Stan was determined to be Stan. I don't know why. (As for the official name, ink blots and coffee stains are something I see quite often, so it seemed fitting. XP And as for my url, well ... all the urls were taken. Seriously. Even whyarealltheurlstaken.blogspot.com was taken.)
2~ What is your favorite stage of writing? AHHHH FIRST DRAFTING. DEFINITELY THE FIRST DRAFT. But I love planning, too (MAPS, GUYS. YOU GET TO MAKE ALL THE MAPS. AND BUILD THE WORLD. AND AHFKJSDHFLAKSD) Ehem. I love first drafts because when I start the book, I usually have a general idea of what happens, but I have no idea how. So it's so fun to see how everything just ... falls together. XP
3~ Where/in what conditions do you write the best? In the dead of night, when everyone is asleep. Tucked away in my room, I can write with or without music. I often like to write to silence, since it's so rare in our house XP (I'm sure you guys with big families feel me on this matter)
4~ What is a country you would like to visit? I WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE. But if I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with ... Ireland. Or England. Or Scotland. Somewhere British. Although, New Zealand would be amazing too ... JUST DON'T GET ME STARTED. I WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE.
5~ What is your favorite historical period? I actually really love bible times. That's the time period I would study if I had to choose. I love hearing about what it was like when Jesus walked the earth.
6~ What is your favorite dessert? ICE CREAM CAKE FOREVER, MAN
7~ What's the furthest you've ever been from home? Hong Kong. But sadly, I don't remember it. *heavy sigh* I was just a year old.
8~ What is your earliest memory? Oooof. Probably when my mom was trying to get me to eat baked beans (you know, the sweet kind) and I really didn't like them but she told me they tasted like sugar so I should eat them. But I really just didn't like them. At all. I still don't. Either this memory, or the morning of my fifth birthday when I ran to the bathroom mirror, terrified I had turned into an old woman (someone must have told me since I was turning five I was going to be a 'big girl')
9~ What is your happy place? Either in my room (I know, so sad) or up in the top of a tree on a cool, sunny day. I love climbing trees. *dreamy sigh*
10~ If you could pick one author/screenwriter to meet, who would it be? JENNIFER A. NIELSEN AND I'M MEETING HER THIS SUMMER AHHDSKJFALSDKJHAKJFHSDA. Ehem. Aside from her, maybe Jonathan Stroud because HIS BOOKS ARE WONDERFUL. Or Gail Carson Levine, because she's very wise and teaches creative writing and I love her books. There are so many more but I will stop now.
11~ What is your favorite book adapted movie/show? Lord of the Rings, hands down. THEY'RE SO GOOOOOOOD. (confession time: I haven't read Lord of the Rings yet. *sad sigh* I will soon. But I am a huge fan of the movies!)
Okay, that was kind of long. Oh well. Have some coffee or hot chocolate if you've made it this far! *hands out all the things* 
The next tag is from S B Williams at Life, Love, Writing and called the Writer Q and A Tag.
Tag info/rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post. (THANK YOU SARA!)
2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
3. Nominate up to 10 other bloggers.
4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.
Alrighty. *cracks knuckles* LET'S DO THIS THING.
1) How do you organize your writing projects? I have a network of files on the computer. I'm very proud of them.
2) Has an author you formerly respected/loved ever disappointed you somehow? Rick Riordan. For a thing that happened in The House of Hades. *sad sigh* It was unnecessary but I don't really want to get into it. I just felt very betrayed and the series was ruined for me.
3) What is easier for you to develop, your characters, or your plots? Why? Probably characters? I never have much trouble. Once I figure out the plot, the characters just sort of fall into place.
4) Do you have a Fandom? If so, what is it? HAAAAHA. Do I ... Do I have a fandom? *giggles* I have a fan shirt, girl. On it are the logos for Captain America (*shriek*), Narnia (*screams*), Harry Potter (*faints*), Sherlock (*flails wildly*), and Lord of the Rings (*dies*). There are some more, but those are the favorites. XP
5) Do you read fast or slow? Kind of both ...
6) Describe your most recent Work in Progress in one paragraph. Oooh fun. I'm going to make it funny. A sad girl gets blamed for making a tiger go crazy and has to steal a very important thing to save her sister who is sold. Meanwhile, a prince is going crazy trying to find a man who's not very nice and killed lots of people, and he and the whole castle staff have to jump and hurtle cats along the way.
Yup. That's ... my book. In a nutshell.
7) Why do you write? Getting deep here. Oof. There are a lot of reasons I write, but the main reason, the reason I started, can be summed up in this quote from Carol Shields: "Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find." When I started writing, the book I wanted so desperately was nowhere to be found. So my sis told me to write it. And here I am :)
8) What inspires you to write? Eh. Coffee. Always coffee. But also music. And scribbling various notes in Bentley (my journal). And playing Sudoku.
9) Name a bookish pet peeve that you have. Oh goodness. I have a lot since becoming a writer. But one of the main ones are typos or weirdly phrased sentences that I have to reread and the confuse me. Like, you had an agent and an editor and betas (at least, I think you did ...) HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
Thanks for tagging me, Sara!

And for the last one I will do today, The Infinity Dreams tag. I was nominated by Emily over at A Purpose and a Promise. Thank you, Emily!


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (THANK YOU EMILY!)
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself. (I'm going to skip this, since this post is already so long.)
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer.
~Emily's Questions~

1. What is your favorite name that starts with K? Kate. I don't know why. I just love the name Kate. *proceeds to mutter Kate a gazillion times*

2. What are your birthday traditions? Our family isn't crazy about traditions? We always get to pick our cake, of course, so that's nice. (*screams quietly* ICE CREAM CAKE ASDFKJASDLKJF) OOOOh and funny story: on my tenth birthday, I waited in bed for like, an hour because I hoped someone would bring me coffee. Pretty sad, right? XP

3. Do you prefer to write by hand, or type things up? Lately I've been typing just about everything. I want to get away from screens for a bit though, so I'm seriously considering writing my next first draft by hand. I like to make all my notes by hand, too.

4. Do you collect anything? BOOOOKS. And coffee mugs.

5. What is your least favorite chore? BATHROOM UGH

6. How long have you had your blog, and what is one tip you would share? I am a newbie to the blogosphere. I started back in February. And one thing I'd say is, go comment on other blogs. I didn't realize how big of a deal comments were until I started blogging, but they make a big difference to the blogger. I have no idea if anyone liked what I posted, or even read it, unless the person comments. So when they do, I'm like, AHHH PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKED IT ADSJKFLSDJKFHS. So SHARE THE COMMENT LOVE, PEOPLES.

7. Do you prefer to read short blog posts, or long ones, and why? I prefer medium length. Long ones just take too long and it's hard for me to get much time for them, and short ones just seem like they're missing something. A happy medium is my favorite (unlike this post. HAAA SORRY GUYS I KNOW I'M BABBLING)
8. What is your favorite month of the year? Probably October. I love autumn.

9. If you were given $100, what would you do with it? Put it in savings to buy a laptop. (but let's face it -- I'd probably raid it within a week for emergencies like more books and coffee) 

10. If you could visit one fictional world, which would it be? AHHHH I DON'T KNOW. HOW COULD I PICK ONE??? In all honesty though, I would probably end up visiting the world for my current project. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk the lands of their own creation???

11. Do you write your blog posts way ahead of time, or do you tend to write them on the spur of the moment? HAAAA. Ha. Well. The first month of blogging, I was always right on schedule. Now ... well, I'm pretty much always up late on Fridays XP

That was fun! *dances* It took a while too. *stares at clock with wide, sleepy eyes* I'm going to cheat, sort of. I'm going to tag just five people, and I'm going to say, pick your favorite eleven questions or all of them! And you can take whichever tag you want, Liebster or Infinity Dream.
~I tag~
Rachael Steele at The Art of Writing for Him
Petra Grace at Noveling Novelties
Anna Holden at The Everstorm Comes
Aimee Meester at To the Barricade!
Jonathan Trout at Fishing for Ideas 

If you read this and I tagged you, please comment to let me know! If you don't, no worries. I'll just hunt you down bop over to your blogs and let you know there.
Thank you again, Abigayle, Sara, and Emily for tagging me! *hugs all of you* And thank you, my lovely stalkers, for reading this! If you want to do this and I didn't tag you, please feel free to do it anyway!
And now it's your turn. Where would you love to travel? What's your favorite part of the writing process? What fandoms are you a part of? What fictional world would you travel to, if somehow given the chance? TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES, LOVELY HUMANS.

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  1. I'M GOING TO VISIT THE HOBBITON SET IN LESS THEN A WEEK!!! *screams* Although I must admit I have only started liking LotR, and I'm still halfway through The Two Towers movie.

    I'd reaaaaally want to go to Machu Picchu and El Salvador (a lot of reasons haha).

    I have a love-hate relationships with first drafts. I've never gotten past first drafting, and I'm really excited-terrified to ever edit if I come to that point, but I really want to!


      Just keep writing! If you want to, then likely hood is that you will. You'll get to edit soon! XP

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'll do the Infinity Dream awards, because I've already done the Liebster...twice. xD And the first Infinity was someone who tagged everyone.

    1. Yay! No pressure in doing it, but I thought it might be fun ;)

  3. Lord of the Rings is the best, I collect books too. I have multiple stacks around my room.

    1. Ahhhhh yesssss. So many books. I really need a new shelf. XP

  4. You wanna visit Ireland? Wow. I live there... or should I say, here. How come people wanna come here? xD

    And I only noticed your url now xD WOOOW

    Where would I like to travel? South Korea, Japan, Spain, Nigeria (It's where my parents are from), Ghana, England (I like England ^^... America? I've heard a lot about you Americans so maybe I should visit?

    I like first drafts as well but I personally prefer when it's all done *sighs*

    Fandoms? Mainly YouTube ones. Not really big YouTubers (except NigaHiga) but usually people with three thousand subscribers and less?

    1. AHHHH THATS SO COOL. I don't know why Ireland facinating me so much. I guess it's because all the cool fantasy books I read growing up had a European feel to them. So (obviously, ha) Europe is the coolest. YouTube fandom sounds cool! :D

  5. THANKS SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME HANNAH. *whispers* Even though I'm also working on a giant blob tag thingy because I'm drowning but I'll definitely "do" (*coughs* I'll try not to bend the rules too much XD) this! :)

    1. Ahhh, I'd think of the rules more as "guide lines" ... (Kudos if you get my quote hehe) I hope you have fun with it!

  6. THIS WAS AN AWESOME POST. Most of the time I don't really enjoy tags, because people give simple, boring answers. BUT YOURS WERE AMAZING AND INTERESTING AND THEY MADE ME LAUGH. xD

    whyarealltheurlstaken.blogspot.com. OH MY THAT MADE ME CRACK UP. xD
    "the morning of my fifth birthday when I ran to the bathroom mirror, terrified I had turned into an old woman (someone must have told me since I was turning five I was going to be a 'big girl')" HAHAHA *giggles*

    AND YES. That House of Hades thing. I mean... why? I didn't read the second Percy Jackson series because that was in it. That's also part of the reason I'm not reading the last Divergent book. Ugh.

    Oh my goodness, your novel in a nutshell was hilarious! :D Now I'm even more intriqued...

    Loved this post! You are hilarious and your blog is oh-so-much fun to read! <3


    2. Oh goodness *blushes furiously* You are just the sweetest! ACHDSKFJHDSKH. *hugs you* thank you so much! Your comments always make me so happy (I'm pretty sure I say that in response to every comment, but ah well.) XP
      Ahhh I laugh at my younger self when I think back to things I believed. Like, I realized the other day as I was chasing my siblings with the vacuum cleaner that I was terrified of that thing till I was like ... 12. Some part of me was just so sure that it would get me and suck me up and I would DIE. XP
      (Oh oh oh and I saw on another blog you said you did not have a blog and I agree that you should totally start one so I can follow you and learn about what you write and we can fangirl *nods*)
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post! <3

    3. Haha, fun memories of our little selves. :P When I turned four my aunt called me to say happy birthday. She asked, "do you still like being the oldest of your siblings?" and I was like, "Yeah, but only until one of my sisters passes me in age." xD I can't believe I really thought that one of my sisters could grow to be older than me. xD

      Aww, thank you! <3 I haven't ever written full novel before... I've written shorter things, (including a novella that was ALMOST at the 50K line) but it's cliched trash, and I'll probably never touch it again. :P Once a finish a novel... maybe I could consider starting a blog? I don't know. :P But maybe one day! :)

    4. Ahhhh. That's a good idea! You certainly don't have to wait, but it would give you something to work towards and put some more experience under your belt. Do you think you'll finish the book you're working on now?

      Oh my goodness that's the greatest *dies laughing* Our younger selves ... *shakes head*

    5. I haven't started writing the current novel I'm planning right now... but maybe this Camp NaNo! *is excited* I DON'T get story ideas easily, so that can be hard. I'm a full on plotter, meaning that I NEED to plot, but it's really hard to do that for me. :P So, hopefully I'll find a inspirational breakthrough, haha. :)

    6. Ahhhh yay! *is also excited* Well, I'll be here cheering you on! :D (pssst. Pinterest is the bestest ever for inspiration yesyes)

  7. I FEEL SO SPECIAL THAT YOU TAGGED ME I'VE NEVER BEEN TAGGED FOR SOMETHING *cough* Sorry I'm REALLY excited xD No idea when I'll get to it, though xD

    This was really interesting, I like learning little facts about people. Especially people I met over the internet because it makes them seem more real, y'know? Also, I totally get the large family thing, I have 6 siblings and it's crazy.

    1. AHHH well, I hope you enjoy it! No pressure if you don't do it though!

      Yes, big family buddies. *resigned sigh* I can't wait to read it if you do the tag! :D

    2. I might not get to it until next month, since I already have a post schedule this month, but I WILL do it!

    3. That's totally fine! My first tag was from back in March XP I can't wait to see what questions you choose and read your answers! :D

  8. Hey Hannah! Just visiting your blog for the first time... these tags are always great for getting to know people better! ^_^

    Okay, I totally love making maps too. And worldbuilding. Yes. I spend an ungodly percentage of my life doing these two things. xD

    Mmm... I also love to write when it's quiet! Usually I go for the morning, before everyone's awake, but sometimes I do it late at night, too. Especially when I'm madly finishing up a draft!!

    AND OF COURSE LOTR IS THE BEST. Ahem. I also have not read the books but I still assert that the film adaptations are perfect.

    P.S. I love your Pinterest account. O.O

    1. Ahhhh hi!!! *waves happily* I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE A FELLOW WORLD BUILDER FANATIC AHHHHHH *flails wildly* (who runs an amazing blog *cough cough*)
      I love the idea of mornings, but not the mornings themselves. I am not a morning person at all UCHFKSDUHGDW.
      Thank you so much AHHHH! Pinterst is so wonderful ahhsdofdsihfds
      Thank you for stopping by! <3 I love your blog!

    2. WORLD BUILDING IS THE BEST. *squeals* Do you ever create constructed languages? Because that's undoubtedly my favorite part of world building. ^_^ Of course, mapmaking and culture creation and history and geology are all fun too... ;)

      *blushes* GEE you are so nice. Thank you! xD

      Hehe, most people don't seem to like mornings. I am a strange, rare creature in this regard.

      And yes, Pinterest is amazing. Such a great place for getting inspiration and compiling visual references!!

    3. I tried to make a language when I was about 12, but that didn't go too well XP I haven't actually tried since then though. Hmmmm ... *sly grin* My favorite part is probably the map making. :D

    4. Haha, that's when I started – when I was about 12. And that first attempt was pretty lame, so I know what you mean! xD

    5. AWWWW Yeah, I made like ... Ten words. And then failed. XP But I have made codes before! Those are fun :)

  9. YEEEEEESSSSS. Ice cream cakes are THE BEST *highfives*
    And I want to go everywhere, too! (I especially love British places!)

    *sigh* Yes, sadly, The House of Hades thing was a large disappointment. I felt it was almost totally unnecessary to the entire plot. Now I'm going to stop before I get heated and start to rant XP


    1. Oh and I LOVE world building. I make a while bunch of maps and calendars and write pages upon pages of info. It's so much fun. And makes it so much more real. :D

    2. Right?? RIGHT??? RIIIIGHTTTT???? *nods vigorously at everything you just said*

      Ahhhh and I love that you love world building!! It is my Most Favoritest Ever part of the book creation process XP

    3. RIGHT!! YES.

      World building is awesome. It is my Most Favoritest Ever part of the book creation process, too XD

      I love that we have a lot in common :)

    4. Yessss. Do you hang out at the GTW Facebook group? We should be friendsiesssss XP

      Also: do you have a blog? *puppy eyes*

    5. No and no. :)

      I don't have a FB, and I really would like a blog... But me parents have said no :(

    6. Aw pooh. That stinks. Well, whenever you eventually get a blog, you'll have to let me know! <3

    Also, you should really read Lord of the Rings. Like now.

    1. IRELANNNNNND *flails wildly*

      It is on the top of the list! I hope to read it, if not this month, then next month :D

  11. I haven't read LOTR yet, either. BUT THE MOVIES. *faints*

    I'm such a perfectionist, I tend to like typing better than writing things by hand. :/

    Typos in books are the worst!!! Like when they say 'teh' instead of 'the.' Sure, I know it's easy to do. But COME ON PEOPLE. What happened to SPELL CHECKER?!?

    I really enjoyed reading your post. :)


      *faints with you* LOTR FOREVAAAAAA. *aggressively wants to read the books*

      Thank you! Thanks for stopping by! :D


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