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Hi guyyyys! It's day 5 of nano! How are you all surviving? *checks pulses* I'm actually at a sleepover today, and I'm going to be gone. all. day. SO. ahaaaaaaha. I had to get ahead on the first few days so my word count on the third was 12k, and it's probably going to stay there. I realized midway through day 1 that I'm actually going to be gone ... every weekend this month?? Or at least, doing a big time sucking thing every weekend. *hysterical laughter*

But that's okay. You got this, I got this, we all got this. Please tell me how you're doing! I WANT TO HEAR ALL THE THINGS <3

But anyway. I was feeling the blogger love /before/ nano, so I will hopefully have enough posts to still keep on schedule (look at me! *dances*). This particular post has been on my heart a lot, especially this week.

So. On with the post!

I want to change lives with my writing.

That's not something I've always consciously wanted. I started writing stories simply because I enjoyed doing it. But it has grown into something so much more. And suddenly there's this pressure. I want to help people. I want to impact my readers. I want to give them that powerful emotional experience that every writer strives for.

But ... what if I don't? What if I never even finish this book, anyway? What if no one ever reads my words?

If you're thinking this, I want you to stop. Right here, right now, stop. Gaze at these words and think.

Why are you writing?

The Dream Walkers. I'm writing this book because there are things I need to discover, and this book is my key to doing that.

I'm writing this book because it will impact me.

Not my cousin. Not my mother. Not my dad or my siblings or my best friend or my best friend's aunt or my neighbor's niece.

I'm writing it because it is going to help me. It's going to change me. It's going to impact me.

That may sound a bit selfish, but I don't think it is. Likelihood is, someone out there is struggling with what I've been struggling with. Maybe they have a sister they're not sure how to get along with. Maybe they have a fear they can't conquer. Maybe they have a longing to be loved and accepted (don't we all have that longing?) and are struggling with feelings that they're not, and never will be.

And so, in helping myself ... I just might help others. If I do get this book published (which I'm pretty sure I will) then yes, my writing will reach others.

But right now, I'm not there yet. I'm in Nano. I'm in messy draft one. I'm in bad words and crunch time and uncertainty and late nights and ice cream binge eating and sore wrists. That's where I am.

But I'm discovering. And that's beautiful. And it's just what I needed.

Writing impacts you. So if you are afraid you will never help anyone, never change or challenge anyone, never influence or inspire, just take a look at yourself. What has writing done for you?

Is that not worth it?

Keep writing, lovelies. It's worth it.

Please, tell me how nano goes for you! And if you're not doing nano, what things writing-wise are you doing this month? 


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  1. Just HOWWW do you manage to write such beautiful, heart-punching posts, Hannah? <3 <3 I'm seriously in shock after each post, because they always hit home so hard... even if I'm not as serious about writing as some here on the internet are.

    But dude, YOU ARE GOING TO IMPACT PEOPLE THROUGH YOUR WORDS. Goodness, you've already impacted me and others through your blog! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your novels were the same way. I can't wait to read them allll one day. <3

    1. Ahwwwww Emily <3 You always make such sweet comments and they give me all the warm fuzzies <3 You are such a lovely human and I can't wait to write your stories! <3

  2. I feel exactly the same way!!! If I'm struggling with something, somehow, my characters end up facing the same problem, and as they overcome it, I overcome it! Love this post.

    KEEP GOING WITH NANO!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! :) I'm tangled up in a book that's been bothering me forever this year, but I think I'll join the craziness next time.

    btw, I just found out about your blog and went back and read that post about plot bunnies. Every word is true ;)

    1. Ahh I know that "tangled up" feel. I'm sorry you couldn't do nano, but GOOD JOB for sticking with that story! It will be so much better for it! <3

      Thank you for stopping by! I glad you like Stan :D

  3. You have SUCH a gift for writing. Wow. I'm in the middle of my first draft right now, and honestly it's pretty terrible. But it's for me, and I'm okay with that. ♥

    1. Yessss exactly. First drafts are such messy, beautiful things. I love them :D

  4. <3 <3 <3
    Whenver I read your posts I always feel intensely inspired and also kinda want to cry, I seriously loved this post, I'm gonna go write now. <3

    1. Ahhhwwwww this made me so happy ahhh <3 I'm so glad! YES GO WRITE THE WORDS <3

  5. EEEeep I needed to hear this. Thank you so much, Hannah!! You have an amazing gift. ♥


    1. I'm so glad you connected with this! Write on! <3

  6. I need to get writing, I might not be doing Nano, but I still think I should write. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    1. Yes, you don't have to do nano to write some this month! <3

  7. This is so true ^^

    I'm glad that I'm getting back into writing even though it's only slowly xD

    But I hope one day, it'll impact me <3

    1. Slowly is still moving! Keep it up, Grace! And who knows? Writing has probably impacted you in some way already, even if you don't see it yet <3


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