Third Quarter of 2017 /// Wrap-Up

6:00 AM

Wow. To think the next time I'll be doing this, it'll be the end of the year?

Guys, 2017 has flown by. 2018 will be here before we can blink.

I'm going to do this a liiiittle differently. I was inspired by Katie to share some of my own goals for the end of the year. So as I'm giving updates of things that have already taken place, I'll share some goals and hopes for the remainder of the year.

OH HEY! That'll be my "thing" for this quarter wrap-up! I'll give goals for each topic in place of poems for first quarter and mottos for second.  :D

and so hannah still somehow manages to remain original


There are so many new things that have been happening. The most exciting of which being ...


I've been wanting to mention it on here, but I haven't really? So yeah. I GOT A JOB. And it's super cool and wonderful so far. I'm really enjoying it. It's at my local coffee shop/cafe and it's super cute and hipster and has been one of my favorite place in my hometown forEVER so getting to work there is just awesome. I'm learning a lot about EVERYTHING. And the change of pace is really helping with life in general. It's good prep for graduating next year.

But I will say my writing has suffered. I'll talk more about that in the writing section though.

* I am taking my first college class (Pre-Calc) which is suuuuper fun. Eheh. Ehem. Yeah no, it's HORRIBLE. And I did really badly on my first test (thankfully not fail-badly, but still NOT GOOD.) I'm a writer, and I indignantly protest to myself that math is not my thing. So that's how I've been consoling my horrible groove which is totally not a groove.

* I participated in my final year of Bible Bowl and it went well and was just a lovely way to end something that's been a part of my life for 12 years (Bible Bowl is a country-wide event where churches gather together to answer questions over the chosen book/s--this year being Mark, Philippians, and Colossians)

* We went on vacation to Florida which was SO MUCH FUN. I got to spend a whole week at the beach with my family and my cousin, which means ALL THE BRAINSTORMING. I played a lot with one of my ideas and got some major break throughs. I still have no idea when I'm going to write it, but I am hoping soon ...

* I'm finally starting a study of The Armor of God with my mom, which was awesome (we were unable to start it sooner because of Bible Bowl, but now we're a week into it and it's so amazing!)

* I GOT A CAT. Well, technically we found her, but STILL. Our theory is that someone dumped a litter of kittens on our street, and she wondered up to our house and fell off the side wall into a bin. My 5 year old brother found her there, and we took her under our wing. My mom doesn't like cats and we never end up keeping them, but this cat is DIFFERENT. She's gentle and sweet and snuggly and just SO ADORABLE AND SHE SLEEPS WITH HER TONGUE STICKING OUT LOOK.

she sleeps rock hard and IS ACTUALLY MY SPIRIT ANIMAL

Some goals: Life wise, I'd really like to not fail my college class and I'd like to take one more big trip which I am crossing my fingers for. :) 


Like I mentioned above, my writing time has taken a beating. With a sledge hammer, fashioned in the Flames of Life, formed from the iron of school and the force of work.

AKA: I'm not eleven years old anymore.

August was pretty rough writing-wise, but I've finally found a sort of rhythm. I still have days where I don't get to write (a lot of days, sadly) but I am writing. And that's the important thing. I'm really plowing ahead with The Dream Walkers and I ONLY HAVE 30K LEFT OF THE BOOK?? Ashdfkasdhsdjfhlasdkjfh *flails wildly* Which meeeeannnnns *whispers* beta readers are in the near future, hopefully. I'M SO PUMPED AH. This might actually be happening 2018. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. actually I can because I've been working my fingers off

Some goals: So Nano is a Thing. I want to write the sequel to my 2015 nano book AT LONG LAST. I meant to write it last year, but I wasn't ready. But now ... 

I also want to finish draft 2 of The Dream Walkers. (duh) 


Reading has actually been okay-ish this month. Taking the whole quarter into account, however, I've been quite the slacker. But since getting my job I have been able to get several books that I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR but have been too broke to purchase :P

The top read of the quarter was, hands down ...

ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL??? *flails endlessly* You've no doubt heard of this beautiful debut novel by Sierra Abrams. She's a total boss, and God has really spoken to me through Bee and this whole story. It's given me some heart change and revealed things to me that I had been previously unaware of. It brought several important things to light, and I am endlessly thankful for that.

One of the other top reads would be The Creeping Shadow by Jonathan Stroud, which was the fourth book in the Lockwood and Co. series. I own the paperback copies so I HAD TO WAIT THE YEAR to get mine and the last book came out a few days ago and IT WAS HARD ENOUGH TO WAIT FOR THE PAPER BACK OF THIS ONE and I really don't know if my willpower will hold out to keep me from buying the hard copy. (though that really would mess with my brain. Like, I just can't have all paperback copies until the last book. It would be ATROCITY.)

Some goals: I want to read Macbeth and Hamlet with my younger brother before we go and see the plays together (I AM SO EXCITED), and I want to finish my Goodreads goal ... which means I need to read 24 more books. UGH. (Not UGH because I love to read ALL THE BOOKS but UGH because finding time to do that is so difficult. Maybe I'll write a blog post about it to inspire myself and hopefully you guys.) :P 


So I actually have an odd thing to put in this section.

Last week, I took a music fast.

It was kind of a spontaneous decision, but one I felt very compelled and led to do. Music means a lot to me, and I listen mostly to Christian music that helps deepen my faith and reveal things to me and get me thinking and praying. But my spirit had grown tired, I guess? Because I was no longer really hearing the music, and it wasn't just not affecting me, but it was also showing in other areas of my life. And that needed to change.

It was really hard giving up music for a whole week. Some of you are probably gaping at me in horror and gasping. A lot of you probably have ear buds in right now, come to think of it.

But sometimes, we can have too much of a good thing. And, as a result, that good thing starts to mean less than it should.

I'm going to try to do a post on this soon, because it was a really neat experience!

Some goals: I want to find a new artist/album that I can listen to lots during nano! I've been trying to find some new music, so if you have any suggestions drop them below, please! <3

O N  S T A N

Let's see. My most popular posts this quarter have been ...

My second quarter wrap-up was actually number one? But who wants to read that? :P

*looks up* Yeah, I like this round-up! I'm pretty happy with how blogging has gone this quarter. I've enjoyed all the posts I've written, and have put in more of an effort to plan what I will be talking about so that I don't stay up till 3 AM Friday night, scrambling to find a topic to work with and make it coherent.

Some goals: I want to plan the rest of this years' blog posts! I've already got through November, so that just leaves the beautiful month of December :) (Also my birthday month ... where I'll be turning 18? O.o WAHT. I'm old WOW.) 

F U N   F A C T

So my wifi has been super mean to my family lately, which means lots of random google searches to "test" if the wifi is working again (cause just refreshing the current page is boring). My default googling test word is "poodles" (don't ask why--I haven't the faintest) and one of the times I was googling this fascinating subject, I noticed that poodles are hypoallergenic. Like, what?? And apparently that's a thing? I was led to a whole list of hypoallergenic dog types. The Maltese, Standard Schnauzer, and the Giant Schnauzer make the list, as well as the fascinating Portuguese Water Dog, Bedlington Terrier (which actually looks like a sheared lamb), and the Xoloitzcuintli (who just sits down and looks at a dog and says, Hmmm. You, dog, look like a Xoloitzcuintli to me. That shall be the name of you and your brethren. Like ...?????)

Anyway life will never be the same.

Some goals: I WANT TO FIND MORE RANDOM FACTS. They make my soul happy but I don't find them nearly enough?? And I want to be loaded with them so when there's an awakward silence I can give a charming smile and say, "Did you know that the Kumquat is a small orange fruit that grows on an 8-15 ft tall tree and is native to south Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, also cultivated in India, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and southeast Asia?"

Spouting stuff like that is how you make friends, right??

Anywho. I've resigned myself to the fact that QUARTER WRAP-UPS TAKE AGES TO COMPLETE. I'm pretty sure I've been rambling quite a lot by now? But OH WELL. YOU TAKE WHAT YOU GET, STALKERS. Just kidding come back I love all of you.

These past months have flown by, and I'm sure the next three will too. It just reminds me of a phrase that has been on my heart lately. Carpe Diem. Latin for Seize the day. And my, is that some wisdom. We only have so much time here. Let's make it count.

How have the last three months been for you guys? CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ONLY HAVE THREE MONTHS LEFT OF 2017?? LIKE ???? What are your goals for the end of the year?


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  1. my dream would be to work at a coffee shop... :) maybe in the summer! I'm taking my first college class this year too! So far, it's been great.
    Um, music. I LOVE the Wonder Woman soundtrack (for some reason, I can't really listen to songs with words while I write, I prefer soundtracks from movies)--it makes me feel so epic. xD I discovered the King Arthur movie soundtrack, which is amazing. The music is fast-paced, but it inspires me to write, so hey, whatever works! haha. my favorite from that soundtrack is "The Devil and the Huntsman" which sounds kinda dark, but actually it's amazing.
    And I just realized how long this comment is, so I apologize! :) :)

    1. Dude, long comments are great!! Don't apologize! I'm listening to The Devil and the Huntsman right now and YOURE RIGHT THIS IS EPIC O.O Thank you for the recommendations! I can't wait to listen to the rest of them :D

  2. I really like these quarterly wrap-ups?? Maybe I'll have to try them in 2018?? xD Because monthly wrap-ups are just WAY too often for me lol.


    1. IKR? I just didn't feel like blabbing every month (cause I tend to blab a lot in these??) and YASSSS IM SO SO SO EXCITED. I CANNOT CONVEY THE MAGNITUDE OF MY ECSTASY. *screams forever*

  3. I have always wanted to work in a coffee shop. I have a hard time finding writing time too. I have been wanting to read the Lockwood & Co series, it's good right?
    That's awesome,about your book!

    1. Yesss Lockwood and Co. is in my top five favorite series ever which is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING. You should definitely read them!!

  4. Yay for jobs and coffee shops and trips! Fun post!


  5. 2017 is almost over? WHAT? How can this be???

    I'm happy you're getting back into a writing rhythm now! Both DW and myself thank you for it. <3 And yay for enjoying the job! It would horrible if you didn't like it. (But you love coffee, so who are we kidding? If it has to do with coffee, you're happy!) :D

    Ooohhhh if you're looking for music, I have three suggestions: Casting Crowns (Christian band with hard-hitting lyrics), Lindsey Stirling (amazing violin instrumental) and NF (clean rapper who is Christian). You must listen to them and let me know what you think!!!

    1. EXACTLY! I've even acquired a mug from there that says, "Be strong" I whisper to my coffee. And IT FUELS MY SOUL.

      Dude I LOVE CASTING CROWNS! And Lindsey Stirling too SHES SO AWESOME!! I've never heard of NF though ... I'll have to give them a listen and message you ;)

  6. Hey Hannah -- so I like FINALLY ran around to read and comment and actaully follow your blog (after that stunning guest post of yours ;D)! So okay THAT JOB OF YOURS. PLEASE LEMME HAVE IT. IT SOUNDS LIKE SO PERFECT!!!! and oh wow you got The Color Project! I can't wait to read it someday! My goals for the end of the year are -- start school and accomplish something substancial there; write a book or two or rather finish my projects; win Nano; and maybe get a job too :)

    See you around (even tho I'm on semi-hiatus haha)

    1. Yassss you must read it SOOOON. And dude SAME. I meant to look at your blog when you commented on my guest post but I didn't get to it until just now and AHHH IT'S SO PRETTY *swoons* And like, you're so new? But it looks like you've been blogging for years. You're so professional and your header is /gorgeous/.

      Yasss for nano! Can't wait to read more posts from you after hiatus <3

  7. Congratulations for your new job! And on finishing a lot more of your story.

    I want to try finishing my current WIP soon. I'm kind of getting sick of it xD

    1. Thanks! And ahhh I feel you. Finishing a project, or even just taking a break, is so liberating.

  8. I knew that poodles were hypoallergenic! *so proud* And I LOVE finding random facts. And spouting them at my family. Who usually respond with "... Pinterest again?"

    I like listening to Two Steps from Hell (ignore the name) while I write (but I can't remember which blogger recommended it, so you might already know...) And 'At Last, the King' and 'Ghost of a King' from Gray Havens are beautiful. Your music fast actually sounds like a good idea - I know that sometimes I'm doing the listening equivalent of skim-reading, and taking a break makes it fresh again (and I notice new things).

    And I heard someone talking about 'Carpe diem' once... he said 'carpe' can be translated 'pluck', which would make a translation more like 'enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe'. If that's of any interest to you. :)
    Jem Jones

  9. CATSSSSSSSS!!!! *squeals*

    Like Jem, I would say Two Steps From Hell. Despite the name, they have really good, fast-paced writing music. I also listen to the Village soundtrack a lot.

    The music fast sounds like a good idea. I might try that this month!



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