An Interview with Petra Reini

6:00 AM

I come with a very special post for this Thursday! I was wondering around in a totally random BooksAMillion when I just happened upon a young girl who I happened to know. And, of course, I just happened to have a list of questions to ask her so I could record her geniusness and share it with you all.

So I bring to you a video interview of the lovely Petra @NovelingNovelties! (And me. You can see my face (sorry about that ;P) and hear my voice now, if you want)

BIG THANK YOU TO PETRA for a) meeting up with me and not screaming and running off after an hour of talking to me, b) bringing her camera so we could film these, and c) editing the videos so that they were all pretty and had some music and lovely text.

And if you would like to see her interview me, you can watch the video here! In which I reveal ALL MY TOTALLY WISE WRITER SECRETS because I am obviously the most knowledgeable Bean of Ever. Totally. Ha.

Oh, and a little note. INTERVIEWS ARE HARDER THAN YOU MIGHT THINK. I must do a post on this. YES, I WILL POST ON THIS ON SATURDAY. *nods to self and wanders off to go write some more*

Did you like this? Do you have any more questions for Petra (that I can drag her over here to answer) or for me? And how about you? How long have you been writing? What are some themes in your story, and did you plan them? What's been the hardest part of the writing process for you? TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELVES, LOVELY STALKER BEANS. 


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  2. Ahhh this is so fun! ^_^ It's so awesome that you got to meet each other.

  3. I haven't watched most of the video yet, but I was surprised to hear your accent. Mainly because I thought it would be more... (stereotypically) Southern? I know not all people in the South speak that way. But at least I'll get the accent right when reading your blog.

    1. Lol! Yeah, where I live basically everyone has a southern accent, but my parents don't speak like that so neither me, or my siblings have had southern accents XP I'm just American, I guess!

  4. Great video, I really enjoyed it :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3


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